Rolled Brisket


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Brisket is a classic traditional cut that is thankfully popular again. Brisket is supplied hand-rolled and makes a low-cost alternative Sunday roast. With natural fats it is ideal for slow cooking either in the oven, barbecue or smoker.


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Cooking Instructions

Pre-heat the oven to 140ºC/Fan 120ºC/Gas 1-3. Heat a large ovenproof pan on a high heat. Add a little oil and seat the meat until nicely browned all over. Then take out the meat and sear any vegetables in this pan. Add stock/wine and place the meat back in the pan, ensuring the liquid covers at least ½ of the meat and bring gently to the boil on the hob. Cover with a lid and transfer into the preheated oven or continue to simmer gently on the hob at a very low heat. Check from time to time and top up with liquid if needed. Cooking times vary depending on the cut and your oven, but as a rule, try to check casseroles after an hour and regular intervals after. The easiest way to check joints is to use a meat fork, inserting into the thickest part.