The Original Steak, Black Pudding & Peppercorn Sauce Pie

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Succulent selected cuts of steak with our in-house black pudding passed down through 4 generations and a mouth watering creamy peppercorn sauce in a pie!

Does it get any better?

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for The Original Steak, Black Pudding & Peppercorn Sauce Pie

  1. Stephen McGraw

    Do you deliver the steak, black pudding and peppercorn pies, I would be looking for a dozen to glasgow.

  2. Angie

    These sound amazing. Anywhere to get them in Glasgow? 🤞

  3. Lee Gregg

    Looking forward

  4. David jess

    Do you deliver would love to try steak and black pudding pies. Ayrshire

  5. Anton Warren

    I live in England (Hertfordshire), do you deliver?

  6. Phil (verified owner)

    Great pie. Quality of black pudding and steak was really good. And for a pie I hoped the sauce within it would be okay but surpassed expectations. I’d be very happy getting that in a restaurant, nevermind a pie. Nice amount of pepper to the sauce too.

  7. Ralph Tynan

    Pies and sausages i ordered are awsome and will certainly not be my last … thank you

  8. Hugh Laidlaw (verified owner)

    Absolutely banging, I was too lazy to wait for the oven to heat up, so just pinged it in the microwave, 2 mins later…. WOW taste explosion! I only ordered 6, my next order will be for 24. Love it. Ray

  9. Joe

    Amazing pies
    Had 1 today half round golf course, a wee surprise from my playing partner

  10. Stephen McGraw

    Got a dozen of these pies today and my god they didnt disappoint, will definitely be getting more on my next visit up north.

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